Short History of the Charismatic Episcopal Church

Short History of the Charismatic Episcopal Church

The ICCEC: A Welcoming Church for Everyone

The ICCEC is a young church with deep roots. We combine traditions from both Anglican and Catholic churches, and our leaders can trace their spiritual authority back through history to the very first apostles. But we’re not stuck in the past! We believe God called the ICCEC a new kind of church, drawing on the best of historic churches and the excitement of the charismatic and evangelical movements happening today.

Think of it like a big river. The ICCEC is where different streams of Christianity, such as traditional worship, sharing the good news of Jesus (evangelical), and experiencing the Holy Spirit’s power (charismatic), come together. This “convergence” creates a beautiful and welcoming church for everyone.

Our Story

It all started in 1977 when some Christian leaders realized we had much in common despite belonging to different churches. They encouraged everyone to rediscover the roots of Christianity, which inspired the ICCEC.

Today, at our church, you’ll find people from all kinds of backgrounds, including evangelical, Pentecostal, Anglican, Catholic, and even Eastern Orthodox. We all share a vision: to show God’s love to the world!

What We Believe In

The ICCEC isn’t about splitting away from any other church. We’re a new beginning, brought together by God through faithful leaders from many denominations. They saw a need for a church that combined traditional practices, sharing the good news of Jesus, and experiencing the Holy Spirit in worship.

In 1992, our first bishop was chosen, and the ICCEC officially began!

A Church for You

We welcome everyone, regardless of background. We worship through a mix of traditional practices, lively music, and celebrating the Holy Spirit’s presence. Our goal is to share God’s love with everyone, especially those who feel lost or alone.

Curious what an ICCEC service is like? Come visit! You’ll find some things familiar and some things new, but we believe you’ll feel welcome and at home.

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