Unseminary Podcast

My UnSeminary Podcast Review: I highly recommend this podcast featuring Rich Birch. Birch’s expertise in church systems is evident as he delves into the crucial topics of attrition rates and assimilation. He emphasizes the importance of measuring our church’s performance metrics, including attrition rates, average weekly and yearly guest attendance, and the conversion of first-time …

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Facebook and Instagram Ads

Church Candy Digital Evangelism

What we are trying: Facebook and Instagram Ads. View on Youtube As Bishop of Intercessor Church, I found the insights shared on the Pro Church Tools show regarding online paid ads to be incredibly enlightening. Brady Sticker’s expertise from churchcandy.com shed light on the effectiveness of ‘Plan a Visit’ advertisements on platforms like Facebook and …

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The Advantage

What I am Reading. “The Advantage” by Patrick Lencioni has been nothing short of transformative for me and my ministry at Intercessor Church. Lencioni’s profound insights have illuminated the true essence of organizational health and the indispensable role of healthy conflict in fostering growth. This book has served as a guiding light, offering practical wisdom …

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Short History of the Charismatic Episcopal Church

Short History of the Charismatic Episcopal Church The ICCEC: A Welcoming Church for Everyone The ICCEC is a young church with deep roots. We combine traditions from both Anglican and Catholic churches, and our leaders can trace their spiritual authority back through history to the very first apostles. But we’re not stuck in the past! …

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Starting to Pray? Here is some help.

Starting to Pray can be hard, so here is some help. Here are some great links to help you find a start point10 Minute Prayer, easy to start and stay with prayer.Traditional Prayer (based on the Book of Common Prayer)When you lack the words, start here.

Meet Bishop Brett

Get to Know Bishop Brett? Get to know Bishop Brett Crompton is the senior pastor of the Church of the Intercessor in Malverne, New York, which has grown to over 500 members since its founding in 1994. Bp. Brett attended Queens College in New York before entering St. Michael’s Seminary. While in seminary, Bp. Brett …

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The Mission and Vision of the NE Diocese

church growth

Our Mission: Making God’s Kingdom visible in Local communities. Explore the transformative journey of the CEC Northeast Diocese as it passionately works towards making God’s Kingdom visible in local communities. Unveil the impactful initiatives that empower change and discover the purpose behind this mission. Join us on this inspiring quest to bring God’s Kingdom to …

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CEC Northeast Strategic Plan

March HOB presentation Bishop-Elect Brett Crompton introduced the NorthEast Diocese strategic plan, beginning with an overview of his Philosophy of Ministry and leadership style. Subsequently, he presented the Mission and Vision of the Diocese in the booklet. The document then delves into the future direction under the heading “Where are we Going” and outlines expectations …

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