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The Mission and Vision of the NE Diocese

Our Mission:

Making God’s Kingdom visible in Local communities.

Explore the transformative journey of the CEC Northeast Diocese as it passionately works towards making God’s Kingdom visible in local communities. Unveil the impactful initiatives that empower change and discover the purpose behind this mission. Join us on this inspiring quest to bring God’s Kingdom to life locally with the CEC Northeast Diocese, a beacon of hope and positive transformation in our communities.

Our Vision:

Leading in Convergence by Equipping churches for Growth and Renewal, building Unity to Transform the Communities around us.

Embark on a transformative journey with the CEC Northeast Diocese, where the vision revolves around leading in convergence by equipping churches for growth and renewal, all while fostering unity to bring about a profound transformation in the surrounding communities. Explore the dynamic initiatives that empower growth, emphasize renewal, and build unity, culminating in a powerful force dedicated to positively shaping the lives of individuals and the broader community. Join us in this impactful endeavor as we strive to be leaders in convergence, shaping a future where churches thrive, communities flourish, and unity prevails.

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