Your Calling

In the Kingdom of God, Our Goal is Service, Not Rank.

15 Questions to Find Your True Calling!

15 Questions to Find your True Calling! Are you ready to discover what He has planned for you?

We are the ones that will guide you to the future.

Your Calling Revealed | Unleashing Your Unique Spiritual Power

Each person has distinct gifts that contribute to the strength and diversity of the community. The ultimate purpose is to use these gifts to serve and witness to the world, demonstrating God’s love, compassion, and power.

Start Where you are, As you are

Married, Single, in debt, so busy, young, old, near or far. Start there. Yet, don’t wait for your circumstances to change before you serve. Don’t go too far, waiting for the perfect moment; they never come.

You Serve to Release your gifts, not to fill a need.

You serve to Release your gifts, not to fill a need. Filling a position or doing a job to fill a need is NOT the Goal. It is only ever a short-term solution and a sign of a wise heart. Find a calling, not a job.

Here are 15 questions to ask yourself to help discover your True calling


Self-reflection: 15 Questions to Find Your True Calling! Exploration
  1. What activities do I lose track of time doing? This indicates what you’re naturally drawn to and enjoy.
  2. What compliments do I receive most often? These highlight your strengths and talents.
  3. When volunteering, what causes resonated most with me? Consider the issues you’re passionate about.
  4. What was my favorite subject in school? Why? Revisit past interests that sparked your curiosity.
  5. What are my recurring dreams or fantasies? They might reveal hidden desires or aspirations.


Exploration: 15 Questions to Find Your True Calling! Exploration
  1. What skills do I already have that others value? Identify your transferable strengths.
  2. What are current events or problems that I find fascinating? Consider how your skills could address them.
  3. What new things have I always wanted to try? Stepping outside your comfort zone can lead to discoveries.
  4. Who are the people I admire most? Why? Explore what qualities or paths resonate with you.
  5. What informational interviews can I conduct? Talk to people in different fields to learn more.

Values and fit:

Values and Fit: 15 Questions to Find Your True Calling! Exploration
  1. What kind of work environment would energize me? Consider factors like pace, collaboration, or autonomy.
  2. What impact do I want to have on the world? Align your calling with your values and purpose.
  3. What is a healthy work-life balance for me? Prioritize what matters outside of work.
  4. What are my salary expectations? Be realistic about your financial needs.
  5. Am I willing to go back to school or gain additional skills? Consider the investment needed for your calling.

Action and refinement:

What small step can I take today to explore a potential calling? Start small and iterate based on your discoveries. See Places to Serve and Find your True calling Here.
Also see the Steps in Discipleship.