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Facebook and Instagram Ads

What we are trying: Facebook and Instagram Ads. View on Youtube

As Bishop of Intercessor Church, I found the insights shared on the Pro Church Tools show regarding online paid ads to be incredibly enlightening. Brady Sticker’s expertise from shed light on the effectiveness of ‘Plan a Visit’ advertisements on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, revolutionizing how we approach outreach.

The emphasis on allowing potential guests to plan their visit directly within the social media platform not only enhances engagement but also streamlines the process. Moreover, the personalized follow-up strategies discussed, such as text messages and personalized video messages, underscore the importance of nurturing relationships with those interested in visiting.

This episode has inspired us to refine our advertising approach, ensuring that our messaging feels authentic and inviting, ultimately leading to greater connection and growth within our church community. Learn More here.
Stay tuned, and we publish our real results in a few months.

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