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Making God’s Kingdom Visible in Local Communities

All About the Diocese | The Northeast Diocese is Leading in Convergence by Equipping Churches for Growth and Renewal, Building Unity to Transform The Communities Around Us

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All About the Diocese | Charismatic Worship
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All About our Dicoese| History

We are Young, Our Mission is Ancient

Our purpose as the CEC Northeast Diocese remains constant: reaching those who are lost. However, the ways we connect with them are ever-changing and adaptable. We’re called to build a strong team of lay leaders, empowering believers.

This focus on leadership development ensures our outreach efforts are not only effective today, but also sustainable for the future, as we equip believers to share their faith confidently.

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All About our Diocese | Our Beliefs

We believe that Jesus came to heal the world, not condemn it.

The CEC Northeast Diocese embraces a welcoming philosophy. We meet people and their culture where they are, understanding that everyone arrives with their unique experiences and struggles. We believe the church should be a safe haven, not a place of judgment.
Here, sin-woundedness is acknowledged, and the transformative power of the Gospel is emphasized over rigid programs. We hold that a single, genuine encounter with God’s love can be more impactful than years of informational sermons.

Our Beliefs

All About the Diocese | Our Purpose

We desire our lives to be transformed by Christ.

The church is not measured in how many seats are filled but in how many lives are transformed and how these transformed lives impact their relationships, families, and communities. Our Purpose is to equip and help our church impact people for more than an hour on Sunday but throughout the week. We set our mind to be a small group church, not a church with small groups.

By fostering a culture of connection and growth within small groups, we believe that individuals will be empowered to use their God-given gifts to serve others and make a positive difference in the world. Ultimately, our goal is to create a community where everyone feels loved, supported, and challenged to become the best version of themselves.

All About the Dicoese | Where We are

We have churches in New England and Canada

Our community includes large and small churches, established congregations, mission outposts, and new church initiatives. We recognize that each faces unique challenges and opportunities. While the Diocese isn’t the sole source of knowledge, we connect you to a vast network of wisdom and resources within our community, offered freely.

Through collaboration and shared experiences, we can all learn from each other and better serve those in need. Additionally, the Diocese can help amplify your voice and efforts, ensuring a greater impact on the lives you touch.